I detail all of these themes in this month’s Energy Update which can be found on YouTube or Spotify.

Action & Change: August was all about rest, rest, and more rest. Many of you felt fatigued and overwhelmed with the powerful Lion’s Gate and ascension energies (Schumann Resonance, etc.) Good news! September brings rejuvenation and renewed energy, as well as more motivation, passion and zest for life. This forward-moving energy (of change) can do one of two things–carry you with it as a passenger or allow you to harness it as you manifest specific goals in your life.

Self-Guided Enlightenment: Speaking of harnessing energy, the month of September will also bring us opportunities to take our ascension journey even more into our own hands. We are going to feel the desire to be more proactive, to develop even further our psychic abilities, and to use those abilities to be our own teachers. This will be accelerated as we gather with likeminded people whom we see as equals, rather than part of a hierarchical structure. Out with the gurus, in with the circles of wisdom.

Shadow Work Leading to Unity Consciousness: Some “unique” energies are coming up for many of us in the midst of all of this change. This will intensify in September, but shadow work need not take months or years as it has in the past. Light language is an amazing tool for shifting/transmuting/integrating this type of energy. Shadow work will reveal deeper programs of duality that are wanting to come to the surface and be recognized so that we can shift into non-duality in full awareness. Non-duality leads to unity consciousness–the main topic of the Galactic Federation Seminar Series which I just finished in August (playbacks can be found HERE). I am feeling very optimistic about the wayshowers of the wayshowers (YOU!!) assisting the collective to live in a state of I AM presence and unity consciousness.

Expanding Awareness of Our Multidimensional Nature: The final topic I address in my Monthly Energy Update episode is the fact that we are becoming more and more aware of our multidimensionality, which looks like: awareness of our star families, shifting timelines, past/parallel lives, and glitches in the so-called matrix. We are also seeing things in the sky and atmosphere we have never before noticed, as well as feeling/hearing/seeing friendly visitors helping activate our light bodies, etc.! This can be so fun, but also a little challenging–especially if we don’t have anyone to talk to about this kind of stuff! This month, I feel like so many of us will benefit from gathering with likeminded people (in-person or virtually)–they will validate our experiences and help us not to feel so alone. Secondly, it’s important to GROUND! Connect with Gaia and connect with your body–they will be such valuable guides as your awareness expands.

Lion’s Gate Portal Channeled Message from Goddess Sekhmet


Dear ones, I have come at this pivotal time during the journey of ascension, which your collective is taking, to bring clarification, enlightenment and activation. I come with great love and invite you to take a deep breath as you open, soften, and surrender. 

Dear ones, I sense the fear and trepidation which many of you are holding–fear of the new, fear of the old, fear of the present. Beloved ones, it is time to release those programs. It is time to travel to the Akashic records to end those contracts and to begin new ones as we step into this age, with joy…with celebration. Release the programs and contracts of fear and duality. Embrace this age of love and unity…of non-duality. There are some in your collective continuing to look for duality, for enemy, for falsehood, and I am here to remind you those concepts are an illusion. They are remnants of the old earth. And I, once again, am extending you the invitation to release, to let go, and to trust your intuition…to trust Gaia…to trust the whisperings of the Ancient Ones, which you hear every so often–those who have come before as they remind you that as things once were, so they shall be. I come to provide you with this message as well as light language activation to facilitate the release of any and all fear based programs of duality, which still reside within your energetic field and so it is. 


As you receive and integrate these codes, I remind you of your sovereignty. I remind you of your free will and autonomy. I encourage you, dear, beautiful souls, to use this time of the Lion’s Gate Portal to go within, to increase and amplify your personal power and, as they say, to unplug from external output. Dear ones, you have all the answers within. You are God within. Allow this knowledge to penetrate the very essence of your being as I offer this final transmission. 


I am. I am. I am. I am. I am…

Expanding the Light Body

We are Elohim and we bring a transmission to humanity. As usual we come in peace and love, sending you light…sending you gridding…sending you the symbols that you need at this time. For the doors are open,the windows are open for you to receive.

You need only place your focus on these doors and windows in order for you to recognize what is being poured through them. And what is coming through in a quantity that has never occurred before in order to assist this planet in this shift.

We ask you to ponder on the tools and resources at your disposal which we have provided inside and outside of you, in order for this transition to be more comfortable for you. We understand the feeling of tumult which currently pervades the situation. Yet we ask you, specifically you who are reading this, to access a higher vibration in order to maintain the space and the energy frequency that needs to be maintained on the planet at this time…in order to maintain the energy frequency which comes more naturally to you. We refer to the energy frequency which you are programmed to receive, to know, and to understand.

We ask you to put your mind on things which you inherently know. To close your eyes and to visualize the symbols of eternity which are placed before your view. Which allow you access, in a very rapid way, to the knowledge, light and wisdom which we desire to bestow upon you. For human language has its limitations and visual downloads are one of the most prevalent ways by which we share information with you.

We ask you to pay closer attention to your dream state. To seek for more knowledge to come to you in your dreams. To expand you. To prepare you. To help you to grid when the time comes. And to help you to know which locations we would like you to visit and which have been pre-determined for you personally. Locations that line up with your energy signature.

We ask you to breathe more. For in breathe you will find us. In breath, you will find the shift becomes easier. In breath you will find a connection to the divine. You will find access to a flow of knowledge which you have never before known.

We ask you to visit nature as frequently as possible. The symbols and the energy vibrations dwell naturally there and will flow to you with ease, more ease than when you are with man-made structures and devices, which take up the majority of your time.

We ask you to be discerning with the music to which you listen, to the subtleties, to the intentions, to the source of those vibrations. At this time, the divide between the 3D and the 5D and beyond is becoming wider and you will slowly lose your attachment to all things 3D, particularity as it pertains to music, art, and trivialities that concern not those who are shifting.

We ask you to pay attention to your inner compass which can signal to you course correction when needed and remind you of the Creator within, the Divine Oversoul of which you are a part, that is truly guiding you. We remind you that your separation from the Oversoul is an illusion and that as you feel the need, we invite you to seek other souls aspects, to integrate the knowledge and light which they have obtained into your presence here.

For as the expansion occurs, the light with which you came will be permitted to be upgraded. The energy limits have been increased and there is an allowance for a greater presence of your soul aspects, particularly here on Earth.

We invite you to ponder on the fact that there are soul aspects of your Oversoul which have been living out other realities and other incarnations, and which have been prepared with the frequencies that you need at this time on this planet and are simply waiting for your consent to enter and to integrate into your physical incarnation.

Let us say that they are ready to connect to your physical being. For the understanding which many have is that the soul aspects are inside the 3D body and they actually reside inside, through and outside the body. Nonetheless we encourage you to use the visual image which speaks to you, for that is but a trivial matter in referring to this incorporation of more soul aspects.

In doing so, we shall lay out a technique that may facilitate this integration to which we refer. The technique involves the use of color as a visual guide. As you come into a meditation, you may close your eyes and ask for the message, in the form of a color, to be sent to you. When that color appears in your mind’s eye, understand that it is the vibratory signature of a certain soul aspect. You may then continue by allowing that color to integrate into you, starting from head to toe almost like a body scan. This can be done multiple times, if needed. For the spectrum of colors which is being permitted on this planet at this time, or which are able to be sustained on this planet at this time is being amplified, therefore the spectrum of colors with which you arrived can be expanded by the addition of other soul aspects.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.