12/12 Gatherings & One-on-One Sessions

Those who were able to participate in my 11/11 portal events know how amazing it was to harness the energy of that date to manifest/bring through healing and activations both collectively and individually. Although I wasn’t originally planning on doing anything for 12/12, my guides prompted me to offer some special group & individual sessions focused on DNA upgrades.

Many believe that the original DNA of humans had two sets of 12 strands (24 total). At the time of what some call “The Fall.” As we raise our vibration, we begin to activate additional strands.


Join me for one of my special 12/12 gatherings where we come together to co-create a DNA activation for each person present, as well as for the collective. I have decided to bring through a different interdimensional energy for each gathering. Schedule is as follows:

  • PLEIADIAN DNA ACTIVATION (December 12, 2021 – 5am Pacific Time) – REGISTER HERE
  • ARCTURIAN CIRCLE OF 12 (December 12, 2021 – 5pm Pacific Time) – REGISTER HERE


Throughout the day I am also opening up a limited number of 30-minute sessions which will include two elements:

(1) a channeled reading of your cosmic DNA (including information about your starseed family)

(2) a personalized light language activation channeled with the intention of helping you to activate your DNA for ascension and light body expansion. After the session, you will receive a 10-minute loop of your personalized activation in MP3 format.


You can book all events/sessions through the calendars below!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing me: activationswithjj@gmail.com