multidimensional soul integration

multidimensional soul integration

Multidimensional Soul Integration (MSI) is a special modality developed by JJ to expand and increase a soul’s density by integrating additional soul aspects. This expanded state was not supported on the planet Earth in the recent past due to the lower vibration.


As we enter the age of the New Earth, JJ has learned that many people will be seeking expansion as they desire to resonate at a frequency more similar to the upgraded planet. In order to do this, we will need to integrate aspects (fragments) of our soul which exist in different dimensions but are also ready for this process. JJ feels that much of the work that Dolores Cannon did was a precursor to Multidimensional Soul Integration, as she began to introduce people to the soul aspects they could potentially be integrating.

Multidimensional Soul Integration requires several steps in order to ensure that the receiving soul is able to receive and the integrating soul is ready to be integrated. One of these steps is bringing certain layers of your body to a higher vibration–often done through Reiki, energy healing, etc. Another step is connecting with past/parallel lives and understanding the multidimensional nature of your soul (i.e. through past-life regression). Many people who are drawn to MSI have already had these experiences but feel as if there is something more…they are looking for the next step in their expansion.


If you were drawn to this information, you are most likely resonating at a vibration that is either fully ready or almost ready to begin Multidimensional Soul Integration. To begin the process, you will book your preliminary 60-minute session (for previous clients this step is not necessary and you can move right into booking your MSI sessions). Once you start the integration sessions, you will schedule them 7 days apart at the same time/day each week. JJ has found that early in the morning or late in the evening are the times when a soul is most likely to successfully undergo the integration process.

Energy exchange is as follows:

Preliminary Session (60 min.)$88
5-Session Multidimensional Soul Integration $555*
Add’l MSI Sessions (per 60 min.)$111

*Payable in two payments of $333 and $222


Please use this link to book your preliminary session, or the calendar below to book all five sessions if you are a previous client.