multidimensional soul integration

multidimensional soul integration

Multidimensional Soul Integration (MSI) is a special modality developed by JJ to expand and increase a soul’s density by integrating additional soul aspects. This expanded state was not supported on the planet Earth in the recent past due to the lower vibration.


As we enter the age of the New Earth, JJ has learned that many people will be seeking expansion as they desire to resonate at a frequency more similar to the upgraded planet. In order to do this, we will need to integrate aspects (fragments) of our soul that exist in different dimensions but are also ready for this process. JJ feels that much of the work that Dolores Cannon did was a precursor to MSI, as she began to introduce people to the soul aspects they could potentially be integrating.

Multidimensional Soul Integration requires several steps in order to ensure that the receiving soul is able to receive and the integrating soul is ready to be integrated. One of these steps is bringing certain layers of your body to a higher vibration–often done through Reiki, energy healing, etc. Another step is connecting with past/parallel lives and understanding the multidimensional nature of your soul (i.e. through past-life regression). Many people who are drawn to MSI have already had these experiences but feel as if there is something more…they are looking for the next step in their expansion/ascension.


There are several elements to the soul integration journey, including:

  • Two 60-minute Group Sessions: Each MSI Cohort contains 11 people who are taking the journey of soul integration the same month. This group will meet once at the beginning of the month and once at the end for a collective activation, as well as sharing/Q&As with JJ.
  • Four 45-minute Individual Sessions + Audio Recording of Session: Each week for 4 weeks, you will meet with JJ to undergo your individual soul integration steps in a 45-minute session. The audio recording of this session will be sent to you afterwards to help you continue to process and integrate over the week.
  • Four Personalized Light Language Activations: Each week JJ will send you a personalized light language activation through voice or written symbols. These activations are designed to assist you on your journey and help in moving energy imbalances or blocks that may pop up (particularly in your physical body).
  • MSI Cohort Forum: JJ will provide your MSI Cohort (group of 11) with a forum, through a social media platform which best fits the group, where MSI participants can interact and discuss the process they are going through.


Energy exchange is as follows*:

Single Payment Plan$777 (payment made in full by date of first group session)
Two Monthly Payments2 Monthly Payments of $444 (automatically deducted for 2 consecutive months on a day you determine)
Four Monthly Payments4 Monthly Payments of $222 (automatically deducted for 4 consecutive months on a day you determine)

*All major credit cards or PayPal accepted


If you were drawn to this information, you are most likely resonating at a vibration that is either fully ready or almost ready to begin Multidimensional Soul Integration. For the most part, JJ will allow you to self-select, but the following items are good indicators that you are ready for soul integration:

  • You have already embarked on a fairly well-developed healing and spiritual journey, working with healers/lightworkers and expanding your spiritual knowledge
  • You possibly feel inexplicably “stuck” or “stunted” in your energetic/spiritual growth OR you have been getting signs/premonitions from spirit that you are about to embark on the next big step in your journey
  • You are familiar with guided meditation & have started to develop your “clairs” or spiritual senses (there is no need for these to be fully developed, you merely need to have begun working on them)
  • You have had at least regular session with JJ

Does this feel in alignment with the timeline you are on? Then, dear one, don’t doubt yourself–you are READY!

Please use the calendar below to apply for the next cohort and corresponding payment plan.