Resources for Priestess Template Activation

Resources for priestess template activation

I have felt drawn into a new modality of soul template activation. Templates (aka archetypes) allow us to expand even further into our multidimensionality. The first template I feel called to work with is the Priestess Template. My involvement with this template has taken many forms:

  1. As a reader/student of the book and member of The Priestess Transmissions Free Book Club. As part of this club, you will be able to co-create with other priestesses who are discussing the topics/receiving the activations provided by this amazing text. Within the book club, you will find connection through a special online forum, as well as periodic Zoom gatherings.
  2. As a featured collaborator/co-activator in The Priestess Transmissions Self-Study Portal. I have been invited by my incredible colleague/goddess/sister/friend, Amron Bevels, co-author of The Priestess Transmissions, to collaborate with her, providing activations and support in her Self-Study Portal. This container is a unique opportunity to dive deep into the channeled text and connect with Priestess/Goddess energies in a way that you have never before experienced.
  3. As a facilitator of your personal Priestess Template activation. I have created a two new offerings: (1) a personalized channeled recording (30 minutes in length) from a Goddess energy of your choice which will bring through a message, as well as a light language activation AND (2) a series of three 1:1 sessions designed to bring through your personal Goddess guides to provide messages and activations of your unique Priestess Template.

In addition to holding space with Amron for the priestesses in her free book club and also in her self-study portal, I am also offering specialized 1:1 sessions designed to activate your Priestess Template in a powerful way.

The links to all of these resources/offerings are below…if you feel the call, I would be honor to co-create with you.

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