Light Language Mentorship Details


I am honored that you have chosen to co-create this beautiful container to help you develop your light language abilities!

The contents below are extra details that should help you get your bearings as you prepare to embark on this incredible experience (please note these have also been sent out in an email format):

  • Individual 45-minute Session with JJ: During this session, JJ will assist you to hone in on your unique LL abilities by connecting with your guides and Higher Self to bring through messages and activations. Use this link to book your 1:1 session with JJ which will occur during the fourth and final week of this program.
  • Individual 45-minute Session with Light Language Mentorship Moderator, Antoinette: Antoinette (IG: @flowwithantoinette) is an energy healer, reiki master, and specializes in spoken and hand light language. She moderates our IG DM group and provides JJ with additional energetic and teaching support during each group session. Your session with Antoinette will be especially designed to clear your throat and/or hand chakras. This will assist you in attuning yourself more fully to step into your LL gifts. Please book your session here (may be booked any time during the 4 week program–use your intuition).
  • Group Sessions 2 & 3: Please make sure to sign up for the 2nd and 3rd group sessions through these links: Session #2 on October 29 & Session #3 on November 5 (both sessions at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern)
  • Mentorship Private IG DM: Please make sure you take a look at our LL Mentorship IG DM group which you will be added to just before the first group session. You can use this group to stay in contact during the week as you continue to work on developing your LL. Feel free to share experiences, resources and anything you feel would add to this container–it will be a great way to feel supported and understood on this journey!
  • Light Language Mentorship Journal PDF: Please download and print the PDF journal (see below), as you will want to be able to use it for actual old-fashioned pen/ink recordkeeping & drawing rather than digital documentation.
  • BONUSMonthly Light Language Circle: I hold a monthly Light Language Circle virtual gathering and you are able to attend as a bonus offering when enrolled in LL Mentorship. The next one occurs on Sunday, October 23 at 7am Pacific. This is the Zoom link. (Please note that you will not receive a calendar reminder, so please be sure to add it to your own calendar!)
  • BONUS-Access to LL Circle Playbacks: There are 5 Light Language Circle Playbacks available on my website recording shop. If you use the discount code LLFAM you will receive a total of $44 off of your order, which will give you access to those playbacks at no cost. Here are the links to each individual playback:


Environment: Creating a dedicated place where you will sit when you are in the sessions is very helpful. Always make sure to have water, your journal and something to write with nearby. You will also want to be sure you are comfortable speaking light language/making sounds out loud wherever you are.

Supplies: During light language mentorship, we will be doing light language drawing. I recommend you use whatever art supplies call for you (from basic to complex). I, personally, use colored permanent markers, colored pencils, gel pens, high quality white paper, black paper (make sure you get a white or metallic gel pen for the black paper).

Headphones: I HIGHLY recommend headphones for every session–spirit has also confirmed to me that the light language activations are received much more effectively through headphones.


I tend to use IG DMs most frequently as a form of quick communication. Due to my schedule, I check those morning and night, but not usually in the middle of the day–so you can expect responses to come at those times. When you feel drawn to share something–follow your intuition and DO IT! Trust yourself that it is something I need to be aware of to help you on this journey.

I would also like to let you know that I do take certain “days off” to rejuvenate, do self-care, be a normal human being…all the things I recommend you do regularly! 🙂 Just so you are aware, those days are typically: Mondays, Fridays, and Saturday afternoons/evenings.


PDF JOURNAL (click on the image below to download)

light language journal


This meditation is an unlisted YouTube video that I have created just for Light Language Mentorship. Please listen to it as part of the pre-program work indicated in your journal.