On Rulership, Love, Creation, Possibilities

Who We Are

We are Elohim. We are a collective. We prefer the word collective to council, as it reflects the unity, rather than the hierarchy of all things. Rulership as a way to control things is a man-based concept. Rulership as a way to measure things is a a true reflection of the laws of the universe.

Law is measurement.

Ruler is measurement.

There is science involved.

There is analysis involved.

On Love and Creation

The laws of the universe are not based on emotion, except for the fact that love is the power, the only power, with which things are created. And even that statement is somewhat inaccurate for truly love is not something to be “used” to do something else. Love is the essence which courses through all things, which sustains them, of which they are composed. Creation involves calling to the love which already exists within and around all things. It is truly speaking the language of love to create.

Possibilities for the Planet

A multitude of possibilities exist for the planet at this time for you know this is a planet of free will. It may be launched, or guided, into a new way of living rapidly or gradually, depending on the harnessing of the energies which are emitted from the planetary body. The contribution of the planet, Gaia, to the actualization of this shift is impossible for the human mind to comprehend. However, we would like to invite you to dwell on the energies which are at your disposal, which are given in love. Energies that can accelerate the changes and transform the pain into peace.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

All images via Pixabay

Choosing What to Co-Create

Welcome to this transmission for humanity. We wish to offer a message of love and hope, first and foremost. It is apparent, as you know, that this is a time of tumult. Things are “coming to a head” as you would say. We understand this can feel quite unsettling. We need you to know that certain things must play out. We use the word “play” on purpose, for most of what you see is a show. The script has been prepared and the actors are performing their roles. Each scene has the purpose of evoking certain emotions.

You must remember you have free will. It is your time to choose how you will react to unrest (real or illusory). This is a way for us to measure certain things. A way for us to take note of how caught up particular individuals are in the negative streams of thought or energy on earth.

This is, as you would call it, a “placement test.”

The vibration you most resonate with (or that resonates most with you) will be the energy from which your reality (your “new earth”) will be created. Understand there will be several versions of a “new earth.” Several scenarios will play out simultaneously. You are co-creators of these versions.

What do you want to spend your time co-creating? Which “new earth” do you desire to contribute your creative energy towards?

You have been told that if you do not become informed of current events, then you are uncaring and ignorant. We say to you: what is real and what is the illusion? Which reality do you choose to step into? You are not sheltered or ignorant when you choose not to step into a certain story. You are choosing to use your sovereignty to exercise your creative powers in a different way. We say, in a way that is for the greater good of humanity. There is enough sorrow, enough hatred, enough anger, enough resentment, enough shame produced by those who are still very tightly connected to the “old ways.”

We desire you to put forth your energies to the new ways.

To the ways of peace and love. To the ways of higher consciousness.

Does this mean that you lose your sense of connection to the collective? No!

Does this mean that you do not recognize the emotions of others (real or illusory)? No!

Recognizing does not mean changing your vibration to co-create that emotional state. Recognizing means seeing the colorful emotions, not painting yourself in them.

It is time to embrace the awakening, children. Awake from your deep sleep. Embrace the truth that separation from source is an illusion.

We are here to simply encourage you to REMEMBER your role.

As always, we are constantly here. Constantly waiting. Continually loving. Honoring your free will.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.