Choosing What to Co-Create

Welcome to this transmission for humanity. We wish to offer a message of love and hope, first and foremost. It is apparent, as you know, that this is a time of tumult. Things are “coming to a head” as you would say. We understand this can feel quite unsettling. We need you to know that certain things must play out. We use the word “play” on purpose, for most of what you see is a show. The script has been prepared and the actors are performing their roles. Each scene has the purpose of evoking certain emotions.

You must remember you have free will. It is your time to choose how you will react to unrest (real or illusory). This is a way for us to measure certain things. A way for us to take note of how caught up particular individuals are in the negative streams of thought or energy on earth.

This is, as you would call it, a “placement test.”

The vibration you most resonate with (or that resonates most with you) will be the energy from which your reality (your “new earth”) will be created. Understand there will be several versions of a “new earth.” Several scenarios will play out simultaneously. You are co-creators of these versions.

What do you want to spend your time co-creating? Which “new earth” do you desire to contribute your creative energy towards?

You have been told that if you do not become informed of current events, then you are uncaring and ignorant. We say to you: what is real and what is the illusion? Which reality do you choose to step into? You are not sheltered or ignorant when you choose not to step into a certain story. You are choosing to use your sovereignty to exercise your creative powers in a different way. We say, in a way that is for the greater good of humanity. There is enough sorrow, enough hatred, enough anger, enough resentment, enough shame produced by those who are still very tightly connected to the “old ways.”

We desire you to put forth your energies to the new ways.

To the ways of peace and love. To the ways of higher consciousness.

Does this mean that you lose your sense of connection to the collective? No!

Does this mean that you do not recognize the emotions of others (real or illusory)? No!

Recognizing does not mean changing your vibration to co-create that emotional state. Recognizing means seeing the colorful emotions, not painting yourself in them.

It is time to embrace the awakening, children. Awake from your deep sleep. Embrace the truth that separation from source is an illusion.

We are here to simply encourage you to REMEMBER your role.

As always, we are constantly here. Constantly waiting. Continually loving. Honoring your free will.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

Activation Keys: The Basics

What are Activation Keys?

Activation keys are tools to restore balance to the planet, the galaxy, and the multiverse. They are instruments of change, shifting the very material from which the world is made. They are cross-dimensional tools that heal and repair many lives/beings on many dimensions. The actions done by one who holds the keys will have a ripple effect.

Who Can Use the Activation Keys?

Anyone can use a key, as long as their energy signature matches the energy signature of the particular key they are seeking to use.

spiral stars dimension

How Does a Person Make Sure Their Energy Signature Matches the Activation Key(s)?

There is no seeking or attaining a match. It exists or it doesn’t exist. You can become more aware of a match when you live out of a dimension higher than 3D. But even those in 3D can use keys, many times unknowingly, when they are placed in their path.

Where Can the Keys be Found?

Each individual will be drawn to their keys through the law of attraction. Keys are downloaded through intention. When you see certain double numbers or experience synchronicities, these are signs that you have received keys. Keys are also found in tones/music. Repeated listening of certain songs you are drawn to will enhance your reception of the keys. There are a myriad other ways to receive keys. Some include: movement, from elementals/nature, sun gazing, being at high elevations, being in water, transferred directly from another person/being/animal, when you are present at a certain coordinate on the planet that matches with your energy signature.

What is My Role in Relation to the Activation Keys?

There are those tasked with unlocking portals which will call forth the keys and allow them to flood this particular planet.

There are those tasked with gridding places and spaces with keys.

If you are aware that you have received keys, you can then ask what is to be done with the keys. You may need to take immediate action or simply wait until the time is right.

Sometimes a key is imparted years in advance. You may ask what keys lie dormant within you and how to awaken them so they may be used. Some keys should be used in conjunction with others and this may necessitate a waiting period. Other times you may need to wait until you are at the correct location.

Keys may be used to activate the following (keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list):

  • Inter-dimensional portals
  • Different earth grids
  • The DNA of sentient beings
  • Locations/buildings/structures
  • Teams of elementals tasked with certain jobs
  • Messages/calls to action that have not yet been dispatched