On Rulership, Love, Creation, Possibilities

Who We Are

We are Elohim. We are a collective. We prefer the word collective to council, as it reflects the unity, rather than the hierarchy of all things. Rulership as a way to control things is a man-based concept. Rulership as a way to measure things is a a true reflection of the laws of the universe.

Law is measurement.

Ruler is measurement.

There is science involved.

There is analysis involved.

On Love and Creation

The laws of the universe are not based on emotion, except for the fact that love is the power, the only power, with which things are created. And even that statement is somewhat inaccurate for truly love is not something to be “used” to do something else. Love is the essence which courses through all things, which sustains them, of which they are composed. Creation involves calling to the love which already exists within and around all things. It is truly speaking the language of love to create.

Possibilities for the Planet

A multitude of possibilities exist for the planet at this time for you know this is a planet of free will. It may be launched, or guided, into a new way of living rapidly or gradually, depending on the harnessing of the energies which are emitted from the planetary body. The contribution of the planet, Gaia, to the actualization of this shift is impossible for the human mind to comprehend. However, we would like to invite you to dwell on the energies which are at your disposal, which are given in love. Energies that can accelerate the changes and transform the pain into peace.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

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Preparing a Banquet Table of the Mysteries of God

Message received from Elohim June 5, 2020.

Welcome to this transmission. We are Elohim and we have much to say to humanity with a sense of urgency, for this time panel in which you find yourselves calls forth several messages. It calls forth the integration of many codes.

We desire to offer these things to humanity for their greater good. We desire to offer these things at this time juncture, for the timing does make a difference. Timing always makes a difference. Despite the fact that linear time only exists on Earth, the meeting of two dimensions at a certain point is more how we see the significance of the specific times that we come to to you. And when we come to you at a certain time it is because of the overlap of our dimension with your dimension.

We are somewhat somber at this moment, for the attitude with which we desire to impart this information is an an attitude of reverence—an attitude of reverence for the many who have put forth efforts to maintain…to distribute…to grid with the knowledge which we are about to give. We do not wish to take lightly their sacrifices. We do not wish to take lightly the time and the work that they have dedicated to the betterment of the all, through their efforts on many dimensions and in many existences, in order to offer this knowledge to others.

So we provide this transmission in honor of those who have carried this knowledge within and who have constantly stayed faithful to their mission to distribute this knowledge.

We begin by asking you to paint a picture in your mind of a sun radiating it’s warmth upon the galaxy in which it is located. Any sun will suffice, for all suns are connected to the Great Central Sun and convey the same patterns as it does. For our purposes today, you may dwell on whichever sun comes to mind, for there are many suns in many galaxies. These are, again, all connected to the Great Central Sun and Source of All Life.

Now, bringing your attention to this sun in your mind, we ask you to connect to the truths which it conveys. We ask you to specifically connect to the sacred geometry which we wish to impart to you through your visualization of this sun. We ask you to focus first on the simple shape of a triangle. You may see in your mind’s eye, the all-seeing eye, and we encourage you to dwell on that image. For that Eye is the gatekeeper, the doorway, which we will unlock for you. It is a symbol of entrance to a new knowledge that will be distributed to all humanity. It will be given freely, yet will only be accessed by those with which it resonates. It will be conveyed as a confusion to those for whom it is not meant and it will be conveyed as a clear and concise, gridded message to those for whom it is intended.

Much of what we desire to offer to you, again, cannot be done through human language and words, nor through sound vibration, nor through light language. What we wish to provide in order to expand your knowledge, in order to introduce you to the mysteries of God, comes through shapes and colors which you will see and receive in many different ways. Some will be included in this blog post as images. Some will be given to you in your everyday life. We simply ask you to be prepared and observant, first and foremost. And secondly, we ask you to record what you receive and to pass the knowledge on. For many, many eons this knowledge has been guarded for the safety of those who hold it and we are finally coming to an era where fear will no longer reign—where the knowledge that was once concealed will be brought to light, out in the open.

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We desire for there to be a banquet table for humanity from which they can feast upon the mysteries of God and, therefore, we are enlisting as many as are willing to help. The main channels for conveying the information will be your human system of the Internet and social media, as well as video and audio material. The more who participate, the greater the momentum which will be built and the more full the banquet table will be.

Do not, for one moment, think that your contribution is not needed. It is a falsehood that there is already is a plethora of content on these subjects and there is no need for more. We say to you that your output is desired, not simply for its physical existence but also for its energetic presence which will permeate the earth’s planes, both physical and ethereal.

This knowledge is no longer for a select few. This knowledge is for all.

It is time for all to feast and we ask you, who are reading, to be the preparers of the banquet.

We end this transmission, again, with gratitude and reverent honor for those who have come before, who have maintained this stream of knowledge up until this point. We honor those who have sacrificed, who have given all.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

Expanding the Light Body

We are Elohim and we bring a transmission to humanity. As usual we come in peace and love, sending you light…sending you gridding…sending you the symbols that you need at this time. For the doors are open,the windows are open for you to receive.

You need only place your focus on these doors and windows in order for you to recognize what is being poured through them. And what is coming through in a quantity that has never occurred before in order to assist this planet in this shift.

We ask you to ponder on the tools and resources at your disposal which we have provided inside and outside of you, in order for this transition to be more comfortable for you. We understand the feeling of tumult which currently pervades the situation. Yet we ask you, specifically you who are reading this, to access a higher vibration in order to maintain the space and the energy frequency that needs to be maintained on the planet at this time…in order to maintain the energy frequency which comes more naturally to you. We refer to the energy frequency which you are programmed to receive, to know, and to understand.

We ask you to put your mind on things which you inherently know. To close your eyes and to visualize the symbols of eternity which are placed before your view. Which allow you access, in a very rapid way, to the knowledge, light and wisdom which we desire to bestow upon you. For human language has its limitations and visual downloads are one of the most prevalent ways by which we share information with you.

We ask you to pay closer attention to your dream state. To seek for more knowledge to come to you in your dreams. To expand you. To prepare you. To help you to grid when the time comes. And to help you to know which locations we would like you to visit and which have been pre-determined for you personally. Locations that line up with your energy signature.

We ask you to breathe more. For in breathe you will find us. In breath, you will find the shift becomes easier. In breath you will find a connection to the divine. You will find access to a flow of knowledge which you have never before known.

We ask you to visit nature as frequently as possible. The symbols and the energy vibrations dwell naturally there and will flow to you with ease, more ease than when you are with man-made structures and devices, which take up the majority of your time.

We ask you to be discerning with the music to which you listen, to the subtleties, to the intentions, to the source of those vibrations. At this time, the divide between the 3D and the 5D and beyond is becoming wider and you will slowly lose your attachment to all things 3D, particularity as it pertains to music, art, and trivialities that concern not those who are shifting.

We ask you to pay attention to your inner compass which can signal to you course correction when needed and remind you of the Creator within, the Divine Oversoul of which you are a part, that is truly guiding you. We remind you that your separation from the Oversoul is an illusion and that as you feel the need, we invite you to seek other souls aspects, to integrate the knowledge and light which they have obtained into your presence here.

For as the expansion occurs, the light with which you came will be permitted to be upgraded. The energy limits have been increased and there is an allowance for a greater presence of your soul aspects, particularly here on Earth.

We invite you to ponder on the fact that there are soul aspects of your Oversoul which have been living out other realities and other incarnations, and which have been prepared with the frequencies that you need at this time on this planet and are simply waiting for your consent to enter and to integrate into your physical incarnation.

Let us say that they are ready to connect to your physical being. For the understanding which many have is that the soul aspects are inside the 3D body and they actually reside inside, through and outside the body. Nonetheless we encourage you to use the visual image which speaks to you, for that is but a trivial matter in referring to this incorporation of more soul aspects.

In doing so, we shall lay out a technique that may facilitate this integration to which we refer. The technique involves the use of color as a visual guide. As you come into a meditation, you may close your eyes and ask for the message, in the form of a color, to be sent to you. When that color appears in your mind’s eye, understand that it is the vibratory signature of a certain soul aspect. You may then continue by allowing that color to integrate into you, starting from head to toe almost like a body scan. This can be done multiple times, if needed. For the spectrum of colors which is being permitted on this planet at this time, or which are able to be sustained on this planet at this time is being amplified, therefore the spectrum of colors with which you arrived can be expanded by the addition of other soul aspects.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

Entering and Expanding Your Inner World

The subject we would like to speak about is expansion.

We are here to elaborate on this terminology and on this concept, which at this moment in time is very crucial for you to comprehend. At times, it is more important for you to understand broader concepts than it is for you to understand the intricacies. We invite you to expand your mind as we speak of expansion.

When receiving information regarding subjects that are very broad, you must shift your perspective from this microcosm of the Earth to a greater perspective, a macro-perspective, which allows you to see the bigger picture or, at least, a bigger picture. For, as you know, that the picture grows larger and larger and the perspective can continually expand ad infinitum.

This concept of the perspective growing is the first topic on which we would like to elaborate. Perspective is a very important aspect of the movement and the shift that many of you are experiencing. As you know, you create your own reality and, therefore, as you expand your perspective, your reality changes.

Those of you who are desiring to shift with the New Earth as she leaves her old body, we would like to invite you to shift what you see. To shift what your eyes observe.

Again, we invite you to do this—we do not command you to do this. We honor your free will. For some of you desire to stay in the 3D, desire to stay in a different vibration. We say lower vibration, but we do not want you to feel as if this lower vibration is somehow a lesser vibration. There is a need for all vibrations.

However, some of you feel called, possibly by your Higher Self and/or by contracts, to move with the New Earth and accept this different perspective. Again, we invite you to consider changing and expanding your perspective. We would like to give you some instruction on how that can be done if that is what you are seeking.

Go Within

Expansion within is the key to expanding without. Expansion within is limitless. Expansion without can be tied to the collective expansion and, therefore, it an reflect an illusion of limitation. Expansion within is more accessible and also more influential to your overall well-being, to your overall perception of the world.

We invite you to seek out tones, sounds and wave frequencies in the form of music, colors, and smells, that will assist you to go within. We wish to explain to you that “going within” does not require you to go into a dark room with your eyes closed and blocking out all stimuli. “Going within” can be done in your everyday life. Living “from within” can be done in your everyday life. It is an illusion that meditation can only be done one way. And we say “meditation” to utilize your human terminology as a synonym for “going within.”

The teaching and examples of many of the wise masters who were able to easily access this inner portal of expansion were interpreted in one-dimensional way, when what they taught and did should be seen in a multi-dimensional way. The aspects and the physicality of their meditation was reflected as a one-dimensional performance. We wish to express to you that going within can be done in a multi-dimensional way and is unique to each person.

The keys that unlock your inner portals are unique to you and were given before you arrived on this planet. They are based on the skillsets you possess here in order to make it as easy as possible for you to access this inner portal to expansion. For that reason, we recommend you choose the keys that resonate most with you.

Some examples of keys are:

  • Music: Some will enter the inner portal by creating and listening to different kinds of music.
  • Nature: Others will do so by physically locating themselves in nature. This allows them to connect with vibrations which will assist them in unlocking the inner portal. Nature exudes vibrations through colors, smells, and sounds and is a very multi-dimensional tool for access.
  • Isolation: There are those who you who, indeed, will desire a feeling of isolation, a feeling of quiet calmness, almost like being in a womb, in order to access your portal. This would be more similar to traditional mediation. We do not discourage you from doing this if you feel called to do so.

It will be beneficial to you to contemplate and receive information from your guides concerning the particular keys that will work best to open your inner portal. Some may come naturally to you and others may not have occurred to you up until this point. Be open to Spirit as you ponder this topic.

There may also be specific key words, specific places, and specific songs that help you to access the portal with more ease. As time progresses and as you undergo this process more frequently, you will be able to enter more rapidly.

Exploring the Inner World

As you enter the inner world , there are many places you can go. There are many choices you have as you enter the door. You may notice you are drawn to different areas at first. You may be distracted. You may feel like you need to explore. We ask you and invite you to prepare as you enter. To focus as you enter. That you may not be distracted. That you may be able to pinpoint where you are needed, that is for your greatest and highest good. That you may not get lost in habits which take you to places of contraction rather than expansion. Again, we honor your free will at all times. We do not judge. We do not dwell on so-called “right” and “wrong.” However, we do acknowledge and would like to bring your attention to the fact that there are places in your inner world which engender expansion and places which engender contraction.

One of the reasons we would like to encourage those who are called to expand to take the steps to do so, is because we sense that you are longing for this action, for this part of the wave, for this part of the cycle, yet know not how to get there. We sense that many of you who are sensitive are caught in a contraction. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Along with all the expansion that is occurring on the New Earth, there is an equal and opposite contraction that is occurring on the Old Earth. Many feel entangled at the moment in the energy of contraction.

Identify Your Role

We invite you to go within to consult with your Higher Self, to consult with Wisdom, to consult with Source. We invite you to identify your role and the place to which you are called so that as you choose your actions (emphasis on the importance of choice), and if you feel called to expansion to identify how this is going to affect you as part of the New Earth, as part of the movement, as part of the shift. We invite you to do this in order for the manifestation of the world in which you would like to find yourself to occur. If you cannot go within the expansion energy and see yourself thriving in a higher vibration, in light, then it will much more difficult, nay, it will be nearly impossible for you to move in the shift.

Therefore we ask you to access the inner expansive world. To visualize, as you would say in your terminology. To put your thought energy towards the world with which you would like to expand. Not the world of contraction in which others find themselves, but the world of expansion where you desire to be. As you grasp this vision, as you spend time in it within, it shall manifest without.

You will begin to access and be drawn towards a collective energy of expansion and begin to separate from the collective energy of contraction. The separation, the independence, of the expansion energy will become more pronounced.

Again, we wish to show you compassion for many of you feel a sense of division within, almost as if you are being “torn apart” because you are experiencing both energies at the same time. We say to you—this need not be. We say to you—you need not sacrifice yourself, you need not be torn apart. We say to you—you may choose. There need not be sorrow in choice. There need not be sorrow in division.

For in division, you will find unity. In division you will find Source.

For the division, as you call it, is an illusion. At this time we will not explore that subject, but may present it later on. Your linear thinking prevents you from noticing the unity in the shift. The circle, the cycle, the wave, the two become one. Your linear thinking…your concept of past and present…your concept of new and old…is an illusion. Your concept of life and death…your concept of high and low…your concept of near and far…your concept of us and them…this is all illusion.

You go within to expand. You enter the portal of expansion. And as you expand, you also contract. You embrace both.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

The True Potential of the Human Body

Message Received from Elohim on May 28, 2020:

We wish to speak on the regeneration of the true potential of the physical body. It is crucial for the human race to comprehend the potential of the body. At one point, those in control persecuted many for the use of certain physical powers that are natural and normal. As a result, generational scarring has trapped this potential and kept it under the surface. Many layers of fear must be removed to allow these powers to be accessed again. It is time for them to be revealed once more. If it is done en masse, the powers that be have no way of controlling or limiting it.

In other words, it is beneficial for the powers to which we refer to be exercised in a collective manner at first.

Levitation is an easy and simple power that can be developed first. Levitating objects then paves the way for levitating your own body. Levitation is not evil. People must learn that it is a gift from God. Many great masters have levitated, and it has been recorded. Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, many monks, and saints throughout history all levitated.

Upcoming advancements to society must be accompanied by upcoming advancements to the abilities of the human body.

Let us list a few:

  • Telepathy
  • Energy manipulation
  • Time manipulation
  • Matter conversion
  • Telepathic healing (telepathic medicine)
  • Ability to consume light and air as a source of energy/nourishment

All must be done with a pure heart. At the time of Atlantis, we permitted all to access these abilities. This led to destruction as many with unpure and misaligned intentions, harnessed/exercised the power for greed, manipulation of others, and the accumulation of wealth and power. We reiterate that there is no judgment, simply an observation of the use of free will to take certain actions which have certain consequences.

This second iteration, we have incorporated new programming into the human race which will cause all abilities to be overridden when the heart is not vibrating at a certain level. Those who wish to develop these abilities must first align their heart with creator energy—love—by spending the time to match their vibration to it. When their vibration has risen to match a certain level, the safety switch will be disengaged and powers will flow freely.

This will prevent those in power who seek the use the abilities of others for evil purposes from doing so. As soon as the heart registers a misaligned intent, the safety switch will be triggered and the ability will be shut off.

We are very pleased with the development of this new system. Those who have used the gifts mentioned in previous lives and whose actions resulted in disastrous consequences still hold those memories within their energetic field. They hold fear surrounding the use of their abilities. We reassure them that this history (as it is seen in a human, linear way) will not repeat itself. The safety precautions infused into their programming will not allow for negative results and we encourage them to once again tap into their abilities to exercise these “muscles” and practice using these abilities.

We encourage large groups to endeavor to take on small tasks as humankind warms up to these ideas.

We invite scientific exploration of these abilities as they are exercised in group situations.

We are setting things in motion that will open doors for this to occur.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

Choosing What to Co-Create

Welcome to this transmission for humanity. We wish to offer a message of love and hope, first and foremost. It is apparent, as you know, that this is a time of tumult. Things are “coming to a head” as you would say. We understand this can feel quite unsettling. We need you to know that certain things must play out. We use the word “play” on purpose, for most of what you see is a show. The script has been prepared and the actors are performing their roles. Each scene has the purpose of evoking certain emotions.

You must remember you have free will. It is your time to choose how you will react to unrest (real or illusory). This is a way for us to measure certain things. A way for us to take note of how caught up particular individuals are in the negative streams of thought or energy on earth.

This is, as you would call it, a “placement test.”

The vibration you most resonate with (or that resonates most with you) will be the energy from which your reality (your “new earth”) will be created. Understand there will be several versions of a “new earth.” Several scenarios will play out simultaneously. You are co-creators of these versions.

What do you want to spend your time co-creating? Which “new earth” do you desire to contribute your creative energy towards?

You have been told that if you do not become informed of current events, then you are uncaring and ignorant. We say to you: what is real and what is the illusion? Which reality do you choose to step into? You are not sheltered or ignorant when you choose not to step into a certain story. You are choosing to use your sovereignty to exercise your creative powers in a different way. We say, in a way that is for the greater good of humanity. There is enough sorrow, enough hatred, enough anger, enough resentment, enough shame produced by those who are still very tightly connected to the “old ways.”

We desire you to put forth your energies to the new ways.

To the ways of peace and love. To the ways of higher consciousness.

Does this mean that you lose your sense of connection to the collective? No!

Does this mean that you do not recognize the emotions of others (real or illusory)? No!

Recognizing does not mean changing your vibration to co-create that emotional state. Recognizing means seeing the colorful emotions, not painting yourself in them.

It is time to embrace the awakening, children. Awake from your deep sleep. Embrace the truth that separation from source is an illusion.

We are here to simply encourage you to REMEMBER your role.

As always, we are constantly here. Constantly waiting. Continually loving. Honoring your free will.

We are Elohim.

And so it is.

Activation Keys: The Basics

What are Activation Keys?

Activation keys are tools to restore balance to the planet, the galaxy, and the multiverse. They are instruments of change, shifting the very material from which the world is made. They are cross-dimensional tools that heal and repair many lives/beings on many dimensions. The actions done by one who holds the keys will have a ripple effect.

Who Can Use the Activation Keys?

Anyone can use a key, as long as their energy signature matches the energy signature of the particular key they are seeking to use.

spiral stars dimension

How Does a Person Make Sure Their Energy Signature Matches the Activation Key(s)?

There is no seeking or attaining a match. It exists or it doesn’t exist. You can become more aware of a match when you live out of a dimension higher than 3D. But even those in 3D can use keys, many times unknowingly, when they are placed in their path.

Where Can the Keys be Found?

Each individual will be drawn to their keys through the law of attraction. Keys are downloaded through intention. When you see certain double numbers or experience synchronicities, these are signs that you have received keys. Keys are also found in tones/music. Repeated listening of certain songs you are drawn to will enhance your reception of the keys. There are a myriad other ways to receive keys. Some include: movement, from elementals/nature, sun gazing, being at high elevations, being in water, transferred directly from another person/being/animal, when you are present at a certain coordinate on the planet that matches with your energy signature.

What is My Role in Relation to the Activation Keys?

There are those tasked with unlocking portals which will call forth the keys and allow them to flood this particular planet.

There are those tasked with gridding places and spaces with keys.

If you are aware that you have received keys, you can then ask what is to be done with the keys. You may need to take immediate action or simply wait until the time is right.

Sometimes a key is imparted years in advance. You may ask what keys lie dormant within you and how to awaken them so they may be used. Some keys should be used in conjunction with others and this may necessitate a waiting period. Other times you may need to wait until you are at the correct location.

Keys may be used to activate the following (keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list):

  • Inter-dimensional portals
  • Different earth grids
  • The DNA of sentient beings
  • Locations/buildings/structures
  • Teams of elementals tasked with certain jobs
  • Messages/calls to action that have not yet been dispatched