I am so thrilled to have you join me for Angelic Activation School! You have registered for our first session, which will be held on October 22 at 7am Pacific/10am Eastern.

Please use the following links to sign up for sessions 2 and 3 (no payment will be required since you already submitted it when you signed up for the first session):

SESSION 2 – october 29, 2022

SESSION 3 – november 5, 2022

In addition, please be sure to access your bonus resources through these links:

ANGELIC ACTIVATION SCHOOL JOURNAL (click on image below to download)

ANGELIC MEDITATIONS (these are all unlisted YouTube video links)

Guided Meditation with Archangel Zadkiel

Guided Meditation with Rock Nature Angels

Guided Meditation with Archangel Haniel


Thoughts from Participants

Jose shared:

“I had an amazing takeaway from our closing mediation.. not that it’s a new concept for me but that my inner child finally understands. There were so many layers I have put up to hide my fallen angel template and it took lots of work to get to it. The last veil my inner child had to choose to open so I had to make him feel safe. 

And the takeaway was: 

God didn’t send me away from the angelic realms because he didn’t want to be close to me, he sent me to Earth to be its hero, because he trusts me so much to choose me as one of his chosen ones. 

Then the fallen angel template got transmuted into the hero template and the visuals was just stunning, like pieces of glass and glitter coming up breaking beneath my feet (for I was standing on a huge ring, glass circle with patterns), and all the parts started to fuse with colors and reassemble into this new hero template.”

Sabrina shared:

“Fun story, i downloaded the files of angelic ascension school of march. This morning i listened to the 1st gathering session (which is number 2 with the cherubims). After my day of work i had some errands to run so i went to walmart and i always look at coloring books to see if one resonate with me. None of them resonated with me since i saw this one today. So, of course, i bought it, cause i saw this image while looking at the drawings. So i thought i would listen to the second gathering of angelic ascension school of march while coloring it, in preping for tomorrow’s morning gathering. I decided to color the middle as you channeled it in our celtic session but for the wings, i said to myself: lets channel it. And while i was absobed in my doing and listening to the record, i hear you say: you can channel your wings 😂😂😂 i was like : daaaammmnnnn girl! So those are my channeled wings 🙂 maybe it has something to do with tomorrow 🥰”

(The next day): “Ooooohhhhh!!! 💡💡💡 the 2 rainbows of masculine and feminine angelic energy! That is the 14 strands of DNA i have in meeee! Thats why i channeled the rainbow wings! I didnt have time to listen to the second gathering until the end when i finished my angel drawing! 😱 and the 14 strands of DNA is the first thing you channeled about me in our very first session!”

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October 22:

October 29:

November 5:

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11/6/22Arcturian Gathering – 7am Pacific
11/13/22Fairies & Elementals Gathering – 7pm Pacific
11/19/22Galactic Federation Gathering – 2pm Pacific

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