Advanced Mentorship

multidimensional soul EXPANSION


This advanced mentorship program will provide energetic upgrades to help you activate your healing gifts/channeling abilities/light language, as well as channeled guidance from your Higher Self and guides regarding how to move forward with your calling as a healer/lightworker if that is what your goal (current or future) is. Throughout this journey, you will experience the awareness of new guides, past-life regression, soul retrieval/integration, etc. 

Essentially, Multidimensional Soul Expansion combines Multidimensional Soul Integration, Multidimensional Soul Activation, and mentorship.


  • Four Weekly 60-minute Individual Sessions with JJ + Audio Recording of Each Session
  • Four Weekly 30-minute Body Attunement Sessions with JJ’s Body Work/Integration Assistant and Reiki Master, Monica of Healing with Monica: JJ has discovered over the time she has spent with clients in Soul Expansion, that their bodies often need extra attunements to properly integrate the energies. She has built in two sessions with Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach, Monica Kretschmer, who specializes in Multidimensional Body Attunement. Monica is also a graduate of JJ’s Soul Integration, Soul Activation, and Mentorship programs and JJ’s personal energy worker. She has been in your shoes and will be able to relate to what you are going through. You will be provided a link via email to schedule through Monica upon registering.
  • 2 Personalized Light Language Audio Activations: You will receive two 5-7 minute personalized light language activations channeled by JJ in mp3 file format. These activations are designed to help you integrate the energies and expand your light body.
  • 2 Personalized Light Language Drawings: You will receive two personalized light language activation drawings channeled by JJ. These drawings are designed to validate your experiences/provide synchronicities/puzzle pieces to your journey.
  • Soul Expansion PDF Journal: This special journal will allow you to track your Soul Expansion process and contains activities to help you sharpen your intuition and develop your psychic senses.
  • Gathering Access: Access to any live gatherings that occur during the time period you are in mentorship
  • Playback Access: Access to any 3 gathering playbacks or recordings found HERE (applies to 60 min. gatherings or extended light language transmissions)
  • Orientation: A one-hour group session where you will gather with other people also in the mentorship container to co-create and receive activations.
  • Forum: Monthly one-hour live Mentorship Forum and Q&A with JJ (first month is included in price of program, following months can be attended by registering through a special link only accessible to mentorship graduates)
  • Private Mentorship IG: Access to Private Mentorship Instagram (ongoing access) where JJ
  • Advanced Offerings: Graduates of Mentorship have access to advanced offerings, including Multidimensional Co-Channeling Circles and special in-person retreats facilitated by JJ

One payment of $1111 or four payments of $300 (select your payment plan and register below).